Makeovers by Marcia

Ages 8 to 12. Farrar Straus Giroux 2005. 0-374-34654-2

Junior Library Guild Selection
Carol D. Reiser Children's Book Award
Prix Chronos (in France, for French edition)

Pretty, popular Marcia Faitak is not her usual self. Over the summer she gained five pounds, and when school begins, Marcia, desperate for an invitation from Alex Ryan to the October dance, goes on a diet. In art class, she's supposed to bring a red apple to life on paper, but all she wants to do is eat it. Mr. Morrison doesn't like her work anyway: disdainfully, he calls her drawing of a beautiful girl "Barbie." Worse than art is social studies. This is the year that kids have to choose their community service project. When Ms. Williams signs up Marcia to work at the local nursing home, she's aghast. What can she possibly do for a bunch of old people in wheelchairs? Since experimenting with makeup is Marcia's favorite activity, her half sister suggests "Makeovers by Marcia."
In the fifth and final story in the series about the West Creek Middle School kids, Marcia discovers the nature of true beauty - and even learns to draw it.

Interview With the Author

Published: 2005

Makeovers by Marcia


Terrific title with spot-on dialogue, characters, humor, and a realistic premise that bridges age preconceptions.... Though it can be read independently, fans of the first four books will giggle, groan, and gush as they relate to Marcia's angst. As unblemished as a good makeover.
- Kirkus Reviews